Limited Time Only, Windmaster for 99 Cents

It’s a cloudy, hazy Sunday. Grass is too wet to mow. No events to go to. Time to cuddle up on the porch swing with a good book. How about the book reviewers said will keep you up all night turning the pages – Windmaster. On sale for a limited time for 99 cents at and

Not decided?  

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I’m off to rock and read. 


Tuesday’s Title – His Ocean Vixen

A lady in disguise, a sea captain with secrets of his own, a love that surprises them both.

Title:  His Ocean Vixen

Author:  Victoria Chatham
Date of Release:  July 2016

Genre:  Regency Romance
Publisher: Books We Love, Ltd.
Buy Links: Amazon


Newly-wed Lady Juliana Beamish has much to look forward to but her future turns bleak when the ship she is voyaging on is attacked by pirates.

Captain Drake O’Hara serves no master and only one mistress – the sea. On course for Jamaica he is reluctant to waste time investigating wreckage strewn across the ocean’s surface but when the debris offers up a beautiful survivor, he has no option other than to take her aboard.

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Celebrate Romance – No It’s Not Winter Already

When you think romance, usually Valentine’s Day comes to mind.  But there is another month that readers of romance books should keep in mind. August is Read a Romance Month – a time for readers of romance to celebrate the genre.

Read-A-Romance Month was conceived and launched in 2013 by freelance writer and romance advocate Bobbi Dumas after she realized there was no one place where the community celebrated romance all together, at one time, in a concentrated way. She says she picked August was chosen because summer reading tends to be lighter fare, and even eclectic readers tend to pick up more romance.

“Why Read-A-Romance MONTH?! I read romance every day!”
Don’t worry. Think of it more as the month when we come together to CELEBRATE romance! A time when readers and writers can come together and celebrate this joyful, awesome genre.

My contributions to romance this year are Windmaster and Hatchling’s Vengeance. Click on the covers or the title links for more on these fantasy romances.

Fantasy, contemporary, historical and more, it doesn’t matter the subgenre. We all need a little romance in our life. Grab a romance and open the page. It’s Read A Romance Month.

~till next time, Helen

Read a Book – Its National Book Lovers Day

Specialty calendars list all kinds of days. There is one that I plan to celebrate – Book Lovers Day.

A definition of bibliophilia or bibliophilism is the love of books. Accordingly a bibliophile is an individual who loves books. Quite often it refers to a collector of antique or first edition books. In contrast, a term sometimes used derogatorily is “bookworm,” defined as someone who loves books for their content, or who otherwise loves reading. Whatever ever you consider yourself, books offer escapes from our daily lives, offer inspiration and information.

Click here for the full article. And be sure to celebrate Book Lovers Day

If you love fantasy and you’d  like a free copy of a dragon shifter novella, leave a comment.

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Tuesday’s Title – My Bad Boy Summer

Why do good girls fall for bad boys?

Title:  My Bad Boy Summer
Author:  Ann Herrick

Date of Release:  May 26, 2016

Genre: Young Adult Romance
Publisher: Books We Love, Ltd.
Buy Links:  Amazon


Behind the Scenes: So many girls are attracted to bad boys. They seem so glamourous, dangerous, exciting–more so when their friends warn them about the perils of a bad boy and wonder why the girl does not break off such a relationship. I tried to show how someone can get caught up in the bad-boy whirl and convince herself that everything is wonderful.

For the blurb and more information on the author and this book, visit the full Tuesday’s Title article.  Ann loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted through her web site: Also find her on the web at:  Blog  Goodreads Author Page

Oops! Just Killed A Friend

I hadn’t thought of this before. Usually I kill the bad guy and only torture the hero. The following post is true. It explains why we mourn for our characters. Even if they live in the book, at the end we close the chapter.


Wow! Killing a friend ain’t easy. You think you’re ready for it. You have planned the dramatic demise, executed to perfection, but when it gets right down to it, it is soooo hard.

And when they are lying there dead, with an arrow though their heart, or an axe wound in their head, you think you can just walk away. But what do you still have to do?

Press the Save button.

Haldir – too noble for our times.

Do you get the irony? Your friend lies dead on the page, their blood still wet, and you are totally responsible for it. Sure you didn’t wield the axe, or aim the bow, but you created this person, this character, this hero.

He trusted you, allowed you to move him from one part of the kingdom to the other. He has seen you put him in a tight jam and always…

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