Out and About, Interviewed on Chat About Books

I’m interviewed by Kerry Parsons on the Chat About Books blog. Hope you’ll stop by and see what I said about life, writing, and bad endings. Here’s one question as a teaser.

If you wrote an autobiography, what would your title be?

Be Nice Or I’ll Kill You In My Novel. An alternative title would be Dragons, Swords and Wings: An Author’s Tale.

See you at the Chat About Books blog.

~till next time, Helen


I Can’t Choose, Don’t Make Me

Welcome to another week of the 2018 challenge. The official topic is the favorite thing I’ve written. To an author that is like asking them to choose between their children.

1_58b57dd2b3a72ae127eed1c52bb28152It could be the first feature I wrote on Amercan art tiles. It was special to me because it was not just my first feature story (and got me started on a writing path that has lasted more than three decades,) but also because I became a tile historian.


Or, it could be one of the three local history books I authored. Two still hold a special place in my heart. The third, not so much. However I refuse to visit the troll that ruined that book’s release.




But the group is marketing for romance authors so the book showcased should be my fiction. Windmaster was my first book so it will always be special.

Then there is Dragon Destiny. It was used as encouragement during a relative’s rehab after surgery. And the main character was based on a family member who has since grown up into a beautiful young woman.

Both those books were followed by others including Hatchling’s Vengeance and Imprisoned in Stone. Each presented a challenge to write and the resultant increase in skills makes them a favorite.

But to answer the question?


~till next time, Helen