The Worst Gift – Piracy

It’s time for another topic in the writing challenge. We’re supposed to write about the best gift we’ve ever gotten. However, birthdays, anniversaries, certain holidays are time for reflection and no “best” came to mind. Instead I happened across an article by a reviewer about reviewers selling advanced reader copies. And I instantly thought, “worst gift.” 

And that is how I came up with the topic worst gift and the focus is Piracy. Print books are being offered on pirate torrent sites in multiple digital formats. Sometimes without the author even selling a single copy. Imagine your anger/resentment/despair when you’ve found out that for every book you sell, 10,000 are downloaded for free — stolen from you. I think that qualifies as a bad gift, the gift of theft. Or at least a very bad day.

Especially if someone adds insult to injury by sending you the following email. “I enjoyed Book 1 of Series X so much, but don’t want to pay for the rest. Won’t you send Books 2 through 5 to me for free? Not to review, just to read and then pass on. I have a site I upload books to.”

A digital ebook is NOT for passing on like a hard copies. It needs to be treated like software and like that other digital product is subject to copyright protection and infringement enforcement.

Now nothing is going to stop the pirates when they play the shell game with their names. More and more publishers are telling their authors to ignore the pirate sites and not to even bother to send a DCMA notice.

Those who can make a difference are those who repeatedly upload a copy of a book as soon as a copyright violation request takes one down. When a book goes down, let it stay down. You’re not really helping by uploading to a torrent site. Just because you received a book for free in exchange for a review or as a gift at a conference, doesn’t mean it’s free for EVERYONE. I hope you’ll read the article, Reviewers selling ARC’s.

People who download a book for free from known or obvious pirate sites aren’t stealing from big corporations who can afford it. Then could literally be taking away the food an author needs to live on. And the money you pay for a subscription to a pirate site could be better put to use by buying the books from a legitimate venue.

Pixabay Image. Used under Creative Commons license.

Next time rather than download a “free ebook pdf” from a torrent site, get it from Overdrive via your local library or one of the legitimate subscription services so that the author will at least get a few cents.

An even better option would be to consider buying the book. An author will thank you.

~till next time, I’m off to play whack a mole and see how many more hundreds of sites my latest print book is available for in digital format. Thanks for listening to my rant. Helen


Tuesday’s Title, Jexx by Linda Mooney

He couldn’t die without her, and he wouldn’t die with her. Not if she had anything to say about it.

Title: Jexx
Author: Linda Mooney

Date of Release: 01/30/2019
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Publisher: Music And Press
Buy Links:   Amazon  / Barnes&NobleApple iTunes  / Kobo


The tide has turned in a centuries’ long war, and the Intergalactic Military has been tapped to step in and lend a hand. Sent to assist the Bo’Estrons, Captain Jelia Linh and her crew find themselves under immediate attack and in a fight for their own lives.

The rescue goes wrong, and ironically Kaxx must save the ones sent to aid them, but he isn’t expecting the feelings the female captain invokes. The tingling sensation he gets when he touches her. It couldn’t be…could it? He’d missed his chance long ago.

The mission to help find the missing crew members is proving futile, as they’re all being picked off one bunker at a time. The battle is heating up, and it’s no longer about protecting their own. The Bo’Estron are fighting back, but with the Varnarians teaming up with the Hojinths, do they stand a chance?

War. Betrayal. Enemies. Allies. Saviors. Mates.
Torn between duty and love, two become one.

Author Bio:

Linda loves to write sensuously erotic romance with a fantasy, paranormal, or science fiction flair. Her technique is often described as being as visual as a motion picture or graphic novel.

A wife, mother, grandmother, and retired Kindergarten and music teacher, she lives in a small south Texas town near the Gulf coast where she delves into other worlds filled with daring exploits, adventure, and intense love.

She has numerous best sellers, including 10 consecutive #1s. In 2009, she was named Whiskey Creek Press Torrid’s Author of the Year, and her book MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE was named the 2009 WCPT Book of the Year. In 2011, her book LORD OF THUNDER was named the Epic Ebook “Eppie” Award Winner for Best Erotic Sci-Fi Romance.

For more on Mooney and her works, find her on the web at:
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