Melissa Snark –Her Own Path to Publishing

After hosting other authors, Melissa decided to step from behind the curtain and reveal some of her own journey. Her sense of humor shows through as she starts her with a funny letter of rejection. Stop by

Among Melissa’s works is A Child Thief and A Hunger Moon.

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Paths to Publishing, A Snarkology Series

Today, January 26th,I stopped by Melissa Snark’s series Path to Publishing to chat about my journey from technical writer to correspondent and now creator of worlds of fantasy. Among the other authors in the series are Sydney Katt, Lynn Calhoon, Mary Eastham and Jean Joachim. Click on the following link to wander along the paths they followed to becoming published authors. And be sure to check out the other authors who, earlier in the month, dished on their experiences .

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Music — Magic to Soothe a Soul or Break a Curse

Music can stir men into battle or trigger a lost memory. Stop by Lisa’s Conversations where the talk will be about the music that influenced the creation of my 2013 release, Imprisoned in Stone and how the magic of a tune that synchronized men’s actions turned into real magic. Lisa Mondello is a USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary romance and gripping romantic suspense.

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Preditors and Editors Readers Choice

Congratulations to everyone who had an entry in or voted as part of the Reader’s Choice contest at Preditors and Editors.

Among familiar names selected as favorites (even if they didn’t end the week at #1) were Mark Rosendorf for Status Quo who took the top spot in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels category. In the Spirit by Linda Rettstatt, Mystery Novels category, finished a very respectable number six.

Judy Griffith Gill did very well in her debut entry in the Book/E-Book Editor category.

Shared Whispers – Congratulations to M. W. Davis, and the rest of the contributors for ending in Anthology finished number seven out of 50+ entries. 

The Writers’ Resource/Information/News Source category had several great entries, but Marketing For Romance Writers ended up in the top spot. And number three in the Writers’ Workshop category.

To see where my entries, Imprisoned in Stone – Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel category, Recov – Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories; and Hatchling’s Guardian – Romance Short Stories ended in the rankings or where one of your favorites ranked, click on the button below (or and scroll down to the various categories.

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