Melissa Snark –Her Own Path to Publishing

After hosting other authors, Melissa decided to step from behind the curtain and reveal some of her own journey. Her sense of humor shows through as she starts her with a funny letter of rejection. Stop by

Among Melissa’s works is A Child Thief and A Hunger Moon.

Till next time. ~Helen


Paths to Publishing, A Snarkology Series

Today, January 26th,I stopped by Melissa Snark’s series Path to Publishing to chat about my journey from technical writer to correspondent and now creator of worlds of fantasy. Among the other authors in the series are Sydney Katt, Lynn Calhoon, Mary Eastham and Jean Joachim. Click on the following link to wander along the paths they followed to becoming published authors. And be sure to check out the other authors who, earlier in the month, dished on their experiences .

Till next time. ~ Helen