National Girlfriend’s Day

National Girlfriend Day is celebrated August 1st.

 With the change of culture, the relationships between women of all ages has radically changed–yet remained the same. They can be lovers or best friends. And no, I don’t mean the two aspects are mutually exclusive. One site describes a girlfriend as “the ones that are there for you. These friends are the ones that you want to spent time with, share your secrets with, cry on their shoulders, go shopping with, get a pedicure with, drink a glass of wine with and etc.; your girlfriends!”

But, I write fantasies, sword and sorcery tales. I admit my heroines are not the kind to share feelings or curl each other’s hair. Rather they are hard riding, hard fighting equals of the male characters. That doesn’t preclude a more feminine side or a more traditional relationship.

Anastasia of the Dragshi Chronicles wanted a formal birthday celebration complete with music and dancing. An event made possible by a friend. In another of the chronicles, the price of one woman’s friendship with her girlfriend was to submerge her identity and pretend to be a man–and her friend’s bodyguard.

Relationships can change over the years. A playmate from childhood could blossom to a supportive friend. Speaking of which, I have to extend my gratitude to my final reader–who I am also proud to call a friend.

Celebrate National Girlfriend Day with a call or note to someone you call “girlfriend.”

My favorite is number 14.



For authors, how do you include a girlfriend’s relationship into your stories?

For readers, what is your favorite girlfriend story.

 ~ Till the next time, Helen


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