Tuesday’s Title – Abomination by Audra Middleton

 The seeds are planted. Which will take root, change or destruction?
Abomination  by Audra Middleton
(Volume 2, The Watcher of Anthelion Series)
Genre: Fantasy

Buy Links: http://amzn.to/1rl4hOV

A seed of destruction is sprouting in Forest End, but the kingdom is in too much of an uproar trying to locate their missing princess to notice. Princess Willow has been kidnapped by the enemy. Her mother, the Fauna Queen known as Watcher, is the only one who can reach Luminar and rescue Willow before the winter snows come. While the queen finds a way to save her daughter, the princess is able to plant seeds of change in the enemy kingdom. But if Watcher doesn’t make it back in time to stop the abomination that has been growing in Forest End, Willow’s seeds will never take root.


Author Bio:

Audra Middleton was born and raised in Washington State where she lives with her husband and their three boys. She gave up her teaching career to raise her children, and in between diaper changes and baseball games, she began writing books. Once she started, she couldn’t stop, even after she went back to teaching.

Website: http://www.audramiddleton.com/


Tuesday’s Title – Nobody’s Child by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Book 4 of the Georgia Davis Series.

Genre: Crime Thriller
Publisher: The Red Herrings Press 

A bloodstained note left for PI Georgia Davis reveals the shocking existence of a half-sister she never knew about. Her sister, Savannah, is pregnant and begging for Georgia’s help. Determined to track her down, Georgia finds herself heading deep into the secretive and dangerous underworld of Chicago’s illegal sex trafficking business. She soon discovers that trafficking is just a small part of the horrifying and deadly situation in which her new sister is caught up. Even worse, as Georgia tries to extricate Savannah, she comes up against an old enemy determined to make sure neither woman will escape alive. In the fourth Georgia Davis novel, Georgia faces her toughest challenge yet—and one she might not survive.

Author Bio:

 Libby Fischer Hellmann is a critically acclaimed crime writer loved by readers the world over for her compulsively readable thrillers and strong female characters. Her fast-paced crime fiction spans 10 novels and 20 short stories, and she has also edited a popular crime fiction anthology called Chicago Blues. She has lived in Chicago 35 years and says they’ll take her out there feet first. You can usually find her at her website: http://libbyhellmann.com and other social media platforms.