What’s In A Cover?

One of the major decisions an author has to make is the cover design. Even if the publisher controls the design, you probably had to create a marketing or cover design form with a summary of the elements of the book. However, when you are independently published, what goes into that first impression is even more important.

Fred Showker, the publisher and editor of DTG Magazine, provides some fundamental design rules.  What I liked about Joel Friedlander’s post “E Secrets to e-Book Cover Design Success”  is the variant of the old KISS philosophy. To summarize what Friedlander, a self-published author and an award-winning book designer put forth for a good cover, is to keep it  Simple. Ebook covers don’t have the space that print books do. Small — today books are found and/or purchased online, so the cover has to look great in a thumbnail. And his final “S” hint, Strategic. Remember, your cover is part of your brand.

Whether you hire someone, design your own cover, learn the important concepts. At the end of the day, what makes a great book cover? The one that makes YOU purchase a book.

The reason I’ve been looking at this topic?

The cover for Hatchling’s Curse is being designed as I type.

Till next time ~ Helen

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