What’s In A Cover, Pt 4 – Dragon Destiny

At least once at every lecture, I’m asked about covers. I would like to say here that even if you are using a professional to design and create your print or ebook cover or have a publisher, it is helpful to have some knowledge of what goes into a cover design.
There are various reasons. One is so that you can recognize a bad cover. Another, more important, is so that you as the author can provide the necessary information to the designer. They may know the genre and have the artistic ability to blend images, but you are the creator and the person who knows the book the best.

This series is not about what goes into a good cover for an ebook or a print. There are entire books written on the topic. And if you are with a publisher, you probably won’t have the final word as to the cover design.

What I am trying to do is to help you the author organize your thoughts and provide a tool for the cover design. For those on the indie-published route or whose publishers don’t provide such a form, a Cover Art Sheet is available at http://www.joycescarbrough.com/index.html. Just click on the writers resources tab.

The inset shows the thoughts generated by the form for Dragon Destiny as envisioned by Fantasia Frog Designs.

And the result?
Drumroll please.

And if you want to learn more about Dragon Destiny, click here for buy links, excerpts, and a free read of the first chapter.

Bye till next time when I’ll unveil the cover for Hatchlings Curse. ~Helen

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