What’s In A Cover – Pt 5, Hatchlings Curse

I’ve discussed a form for use as a thought tickler, and showed the results of one effort. I do want to stress that the Cover Art Sheet is a tool, to be used as little or as much as needed.

For an author-created cover, the production section provides more use than if using a designer cover. The designer would be the one to track the sources of the images they used. However, if there are attributions that need to be made in the book or restrictions on the images use, the Cover Art Sheet could keep that information close at hand for you.

Just because you filled out a Cover Art Sheet as a means to organize your thoughts, the detailed sheet does not necessarily have to be handed to your designer, a summary of the pertinent items could be sufficient. An example of a precise generated from a Cover Art Sheet is in the sidebar.

And now for the result, courtesy of Fantasia Frog Designs.

Drum roll please.


Thank you for following this series on creating book cover. And as a final reminder, a copy of a Cover Art Sheet can be downloaded at http://www.joycescarbrough.com/index.html. Just click on the writers resources tab.

And if you want to learn more about Hatchlings Curse, excerpts, buy links, and  free read of the first chapter is found here.

~Till next time. Helen


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