Delving into #BookMarketing, Part I: Donning the battle gear #bookpromo

Good points, especially about not having everything word for word. Mixing up excerpts and interviews makes it more fun for the readers.

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I promised when my summer marketing experiment finished, I’d share my discoveries with you. For those of you interested in the mysteries behind book marketing, today’s post, and the next couple will focus on what happened. Tiny disclaimer here: keep in mind, every author’s journey in marketing varies.

Alrighty then, class is now in session. Let’s begin.


First background: I have four books in an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance series called The Kyn Kronicles. The first book, SHADOW’S EDGE, was published October 2011. Every year since, I’ve managed to release between 1 to 2 full length (300+ pages) novels each year. Here are their publication dates (to give you an idea of how long they’ve been out):

  • Shadow’s Edge           October 2011  
  • Shadow’s Soul             June 2012
  • Shadow’s Moon           May 2014
  • Hunted by the Past   …

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