Tuesday Title, Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid – A magical tale of love, betrayal and forgiveness

Author: D. K. Christi
Date of Release: October 31, 2015
Genre: General Literature – Fiction
Publisher: Vinspire
Buy Links: Amazon Vinspire


Working for National Geographic, Neev is led to the Everglades swamp where a mysterious ghost orchid has bloomed. The flower’s roots are wrapped tightly around the trunk of an ancient cypress tree. For Neev the orchid has a healing, cleansing power.

Roger views the ghost orchid as a spiritual messenger. What is the connection between the ghost orchid and the death of Mel, the woman who died near the sanctuary where the ghost orchid has magically appeared and bloomed? How will this connect to Neev and change her life?

The novel’s theme is positve: Love transcends death. The interrelationships are complex and the story is absorbing. The reader will not want to put the book down until the final page has been turned.

Author Bio:

D.K. Christi”s colorful background contributed to her storehouse of experiences, today expressed through her craft as an author and journalist with three novels and multiple short stories in anthologies.

A native of Michigan, she is most influenced by living in California, as well as in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and other states. As the editor for all international financial reports published in English at a Big 10 CPA firm in Seoul, South Korea,she became fluent in Korean.

In Georgetown, Exuma, Commonwealth of the Bahamas, she lived solo on her 67-foot yacht, Lady Ace, while teaching. “A truly memorable and wonderful experience – a vignette from three years of blue water, live-aboard Caribbean sailing,” she mused. Grant writing, public speaking and community advocacy filled a successful career as founding board member and/or CEO for several philanthropic organizations.

Find DK on the web at: http://www.dkchristi.com and http://www.amazon.com/D.-K.-Christi/e/B002BLQG4A


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