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Sometimes fate decrees that given paths cross. My meeting with Judy Griffith Gill was such an occasion. Journey to a place of refuge to learn more about this talented author whose world building skills a reviewer said took you to a future sci-fi world that “rivals the likes of Herbert’s DUNE and Clarke’s SPACE ODYSSEY.”




Tuesday Title – Kundaris: Storm Dragon

Karin doesn’t believe in metaphysical nonsense, but her best effort at skepticism isn’t making the dragon any less real. 

Title: Kundalis: Storm Dragon

Author: Frances Pauli

Date of Release: June 19, 2014

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/Humor
Publisher: Zharmae Publishing Press


Karin knows she’s gone completely insane-nuts-absolutely batshit crazy, when she spots an insidious blue dragon twining through the trees at a rest stop in the Cascade Mountains. Despite agreeing to join her roommate at a psychic fair, she’s never believed in anything metaphysical. She’s pretty sure the Reiki treatment she succumbed to has brought on a frighteningly realistic hallucination-until they roll their mini-van in the middle of I-90, and she is rescued from the vehicle by the same monstrous blue figment of her imagination.

She awakens to find that she’s been delivered to a cabin high in the mountains instead of to a proper hospital. The “doctor” looking out for her is more of a new-ager than a physician, and the people who own the house, including the urban highlander version of Fabio, don’t have any intention of letting her leave.


Behind the Scene:

The Kundalis series spawned out of my relocation to Central Washington. As a lifetime coastal resident, the dry side was a major adjustment. I might not have soggy feet any longer, but suddenly and terrifyingly, I was on constant fire watch. Considering we’ve had four wildfires cross our property in less than ten years, it was only a matter of time before I started seeing dragons. The metaphysical nature of the Kundalis manifested as an outgrowth of my own studies, and the idea for their structure is based on Kundalini energy which is often portrayed as a serpent that rises up an individual’s spine. Despite this legitimate foundation for “belly button dragons,” the idea of a dragon tail in the navel, still manages to give my mother the willies. 

The Kundalis might not be your classic, fantasy dragons, but they definitely know how to put on a show. The abilities a Kundalis gives to its host are wide and varied, but even more powerful is the transformation that living with a dragon can have on a character’s life… in particular if your dragon, like Karin’s, has a nose for trouble.

About Frances Pauli:

Frances Pauli writes across multiple genres. Her work is speculative, full of the fantastic, and quite often romantic at its core. Whenever possible, she enjoys weaving in a little humor. Once upon a time she was a visual artist, but she’s since come to her senses. Now she fills her minuscule amount of free time with things like crochet, belly dance and abysmal ukulele playing. She lives in Central Washington State with her husband, two children, a pair of hairless dogs and five tarantulas.

Find her on the web at

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