What Makes A Good Cover?

Covers have been on my mind a lot recently. And I mean a lot. The final two books of the Dragshi Chronicles recently underwent their final production and along with it a review of all material, including the cover design notes.

Did the overall design of each book in the series blend? Check.
Does the cover reflect the storyline? Check. 

And a full-moon surprise. My first series, The Windmaster Novels, is going to be re-released. Of course, with a new publisher comes a new cover, and its accompanying model search, and element review. A reveal of the cover and its design points is coming.

Now to the inspiration of this post. An article by E. Ayers made me take a critical look at the covers. Before you think about your next cover, read the excellent perpective by Ayers on “What Makes A Good Cover.”

The link is https://authorsofmainstreet.wordpress.com/2016/06/17/what-makes-for-a-good-cover.

~till next time, Helen


One thought on “What Makes A Good Cover?

  1. Thank you, Helen for your very kind words and the ping. I hope my post makes people realize there’s more to cover than just a pretty picture.

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