Oops! Just Killed A Friend

I hadn’t thought of this before. Usually I kill the bad guy and only torture the hero. The following post is true. It explains why we mourn for our characters. Even if they live in the book, at the end we close the chapter.


Wow! Killing a friend ain’t easy. You think you’re ready for it. You have planned the dramatic demise, executed to perfection, but when it gets right down to it, it is soooo hard.

And when they are lying there dead, with an arrow though their heart, or an axe wound in their head, you think you can just walk away. But what do you still have to do?

Press the Save button.

Haldir – too noble for our times.

Do you get the irony? Your friend lies dead on the page, their blood still wet, and you are totally responsible for it. Sure you didn’t wield the axe, or aim the bow, but you created this person, this character, this hero.

He trusted you, allowed you to move him from one part of the kingdom to the other. He has seen you put him in a tight jam and always…

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Windmaster – cast off and fill the sails for love and adventure

Cast off and set sail for love and adventure with Windmaster. Historical fantasy, sword and sorcery, romantic fantasy fill the holds. Available at Amazon

Despite his insolent attitude, Ellspeth, captain of Sea Falcon, is attracted to the dark-haired dockworker she hires to help unload the vessel’s cargo. The supposed dockhand reveals he is Lord Dal, the last member of the Council of Wizards, and her passenger. Bringing him back from near-death releases Ellspeth’s latent powers and threatens her captaincy. For magic and the sea don’t mix.

In accordance with an ancient prophecy, Dal allows Ellspeth to be handfasted to him without her knowledge or consent. However, the prophecy doesn’t state whether she will return his love. A likelihood threatened as the deception is unveiled and Dal is captured and stripped of his powers by fanatical clerics bent on ridding the world of magic and those who wield it.

Revenge set Ellspeth and Da on the path to her destiny, but prophecy controlled the journey and demands a choice. Ellspeth must choose between her own survival, saving the future of magic… or love.

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XPost – For the Love of A Library

Sometimes you read a post that deserves more than just a plus+ or a share on your favorite social media site. “For the Love of a Library” by Ella Jay Olsen is one such article.

To me, libraries have always been a second home. Books… books… and did I say books? As a child I would go through a bagfull a week. I’m grateful to my parents who instilled a life-long love of reading.

Even with online searches, libraries still provide valuable services to individuals and to their community. Results from a search engine may provide an alternative to the encyclopedias of some of our youth, but nothing replaces the human brain and the skilled search of a reference librarian.

Many libraries serve as a community center, hosting talks, meetings, and other small get-togethers. As a sidenote, I’ll be spending a lot of time in October at the Tipton County Public Library. First Date is October 1, “Help! I’ve Been Elected Organization Historian and there’s an anniversary coming up.” Then I’ll be shifting back and the remaining two talks wil deal with fiction.

As for that original post by Olsen, go to  For the Love of a Library.  As she says, “Libraries are magical places.” Go find out why, even in this digital age, libraries are still important.

~Till next time, Helen