XPost – For the Love of A Library

Sometimes you read a post that deserves more than just a plus+ or a share on your favorite social media site. “For the Love of a Library” by Ella Jay Olsen is one such article.

To me, libraries have always been a second home. Books… books… and did I say books? As a child I would go through a bagfull a week. I’m grateful to my parents who instilled a life-long love of reading.

Even with online searches, libraries still provide valuable services to individuals and to their community. Results from a search engine may provide an alternative to the encyclopedias of some of our youth, but nothing replaces the human brain and the skilled search of a reference librarian.

Many libraries serve as a community center, hosting talks, meetings, and other small get-togethers. As a sidenote, I’ll be spending a lot of time in October at the Tipton County Public Library. First Date is October 1, “Help! I’ve Been Elected Organization Historian and there’s an anniversary coming up.” Then I’ll be shifting back and the remaining two talks wil deal with fiction.

As for that original post by Olsen, go to  For the Love of a Library.  As she says, “Libraries are magical places.” Go find out why, even in this digital age, libraries are still important.

~Till next time, Helen

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