Music on a Hot Summer Day

A reprise of the week 7 post for the 2017 Challenge.

Music can stir men into battle or trigger a lost memory. Here’s the top five tunes on the spindle that influenced both published books and those in progress.


  • “Ireland’s Call” by Celtic Thunder and “Desperado” by the Eagles are always on the spindle so they count as one.



  • Celtic flute — takes me to a fantasy land of imagination, and set sail upon the deep blue



  • “Lonely Man Theme” — a quest, hopelessness, and loneliness conveyed by the haunting piano solo played at the end of each episode of The Incredible Hulk



  • “Twelve O’Clock High” — a little haunting, a little thunder, battle fever is quickened by this theme from a television from years gone by



  • “Lullaby” — because all the works in progress feature a final farewell, usually between lovers on the eve of battle, a tune from my younger days


If the songs or the story they’ve inspired sound intriguing, click on the covers for excerpts of what the music helped create. Or visit these other posts on music and magic.

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Readers Want To Know

~till next time, Helen

PS – If you want to see what other authors use as inspiration, the list is at the bottom of the post here.



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