Inspiration for Writing

I find inspiration in various aspects of the world around me. A verse of music, a few notes of a tune or a photo from some exotic place can trigger an idea. But not all inspiration is the same. Sometimes a dream awakens me in the middle of the night and gives the overall storyline for a new work or a scene unfolds like a scene from a movie.


Those are inspiration for a specific item. Then there is the writing inspiration. The music or image that transports you to another world. For fantasy worlds, celtic flute gives me dragon wings or lets me sail with mages.


Pictures provide a ground in a setting while the music invites the muse to visit.


Sometimes the inspiration comes from the story and the characters themselves. When the end was typed for Hatchling’s Mate there were several characters whose ultimate fates remained to be determined. Their paths could be sealed by vengeance or redeemed by love. The storyline was a new approach I wanted to explore and I took the inspiration from the characters themselves. And the result was Hatchling’s Vengeance.

I hope you enjoyed this insight.
~till next time, Helen

After this week’s challenge was written, I came across a post I had to include. Inspiration by Handsome Hansel


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