June – Swords and Promises

Earlier this month a proposal was shared. Now in the theme of June weddings, an excerpt from a wedding. The snippit is the handfasting of Glynnes and Talann as recorded in the Reader’s Bonus of Hatchling’s Vengeance  Glynnes has come into the room after the last of the meetings to plan their upcoming nuptials.


He could feel her anger directed at him. “Glyn, my love, aren’t you pleased with the plans?”

She hesitated. “Yes.”

He enfolded her in his arms. “The ceremony is for you, darling. My job is to do what I’m told, to look handsome. And…” A corner of his lips lifted in a smile and laughter danced in his eyes. “Not to disappoint you on our wedding night.” 

An innocence at odds with the earlier mischievousness smoothed his features. “I’m doing the best I can.” He held the disarming pose until some of the tension left her body. 

“Who told you that?” Glynnes growled.

Talann waited a heartbeat, then started holding up fingers. “Ranald, my father, Liam, Kynan, and that is just a few of the men from Cloud Eyrie.” He held up a second hand. “Vivel, every married master of the Ceoltier Guild who ever lectured me on protocol, my Uncle Eroh of Clan Weiss, Uncle Elem of Clan Miller.” He waited and added, “Uaine threatened me with dismemberment if I make you unhappy.”

Before his mate could react, he flicked up another finger. “Our illustrious lady ruler, my mother, Lady Dealan, Lexii.” He paused as if taking a breath before continuing.

“All right, I yield,” Glynnes said, holding up a hand. “No one can fight that horde of relatives and friends.”

~ ~ ~

You’ll have to read the readers bonus included with Hatchling’s Vengeance for the actual ceremony. ~till next time, Helen

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June – Rings and Lace


To recognize the month of June, a time associated with weddings, a proposal from Windmaster Legacy, Book 2 of The Windmaster Novels.

To set the stage, Lady Ellspeth has been called before her trading guild’s ruling council and has been stripped of her ship and crew. Her mother, the council leader asks the group to witness a private matter. The petition from Lady Eilidh, chieftain of three holds in the Mtwan Mountains for a handfasting between her son, Lord Dal, Archmage of the World and Ellspeth. A problem is that if the Council denies the petition, she can never marry Dal.


With a lithe movement gained from turns of mercenary training and on the backs of half-wild horses, Dal dropped to one knee before Mirrim. Lifting the lid, he revealed a string of South Sea pearls. “My bride gift,” he said holding the box up for Mirrim’s approval. The guild leader, a quirk at the edge of her lips, took out the necklace and held it up for all to see.

The events of the day began to take their toll, and Ellspeth’s knees started quaking. She inhaled several deep breaths to calm her nerves. Although she knew it was only a few moments, it seemed as if her mother examined the pearls for a life span.Still reeling from the multiple shocks, she held her breath again when Mirrim finished her circuit of the table and turned to Dal and his mother. “I find the match suitable. Ellspeth—do you wish this union?”

AUTHOR’s NOTE: Now this is where I usually end the reading. However, in honor of all the brides to be, here’s the rest of the scene.

Ellspeth resisted the urge to smack Dal, now at his mother’s side, when he winked. Instead, in a voice pitched loud enough to be heard by all, she answered, “Yes, I do.”
* * * End of Excerpt * * *

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