Out and About, Interviewed on Chat About Books

I’m interviewed by Kerry Parsons on the Chat About Books blog. Hope you’ll stop by and see what I said about life, writing, and bad endings. Here’s one question as a teaser.

If you wrote an autobiography, what would your title be?

Be Nice Or I’ll Kill You In My Novel. An alternative title would be Dragons, Swords and Wings: An Author’s Tale.

See you at the Chat About Books blog.

~till next time, Helen


Out and About – Glyn Gives An Interview

Glyn of Clan Miller, from HATCHLING’S VENGEANCE, dishes secrets about the human-dragon pairings known as dragshi. Stop by Bonnie Phelps to read the full interview. ow.ly/N7kw30fl4Cc

Hope you’ll stop by.

~till next time, Helen