Friends for Now Or Forever

Week 5 of the MFRW Authors 52-week 52-post challlenge.

Almost as soon as I signed up for the 52 week challenge I wanted to go back and delete my name. I didn’t mind sharing writing tips or even some insights into my writing life. But there were the other topics–the personal ones. I’m an introvert I admit it. Groups of people do not attract me like a moth to a flame. Talking before groups I can don an outgoing personality, however, it comes at a cost of energy. And I’m old school enough that I don’t share everything on social media. My personal life is my own. In fact, Romance University published a post on drawing the line. Which causes a problem–what to write for the challenge.

How can you introduce someone when you purposely keep in the shadows?

My husband of many years should be listed as my best friend. But telling more about him crosses the line. Best friend could also apply to two authors I’ve known for some years. The relationship qualifies in one way was professional, but I wouldn’t want to put the Nova Scotian pixie or the wandering sailor on the spot. Or exclude one for the other. Which leaves only one thing to do–ask a few of my favorite characters.

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AuThursday – Helen Henderson

Tell us a little about yourself and your background? Thank you, Tina, for letting me stop by. To my readers of fantasy and romance, I’m Helen Henderson. To those of my historical westerns, they know me by the name of my ancestress, Jessie Treon. My Gemini sign matches my heritage and shows in my writing in multiple genres which are perfect for a tour
guide to the stars, the Old West, and worlds of imagination.

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Right Thing to Do – Wednesday’s Words by Morgan Ashbury

Those who know me, know I don’t like to upset. I don’t talk politics outside of a few close friends (and never at the dinner table) and try to avoid controversy. But there is something I felt needed to be shared. It might be preaching to the choir, but downloading and sharing books that you haven’t paid for is THEFT. Morgan Ashbury explains legitimate ways to get “free books” and how when they’re stolen it hurts not only the authors who create the books (and their families), but readers as well. Authors are not rich like the fictional Richard Castle. If we give it to you for free, enjoy. If not? Well, read Morgan’s tale as she explains the right thing to do. Time to get off the soapbox and turn it over to Morgan who is far more eloquent.

From Morgan’s Wednesday’s Words of January 25, 2017  …Free stuff is a great resource, too, isn’t it? When you have the opportunity to snatch up free stuff, it’s a bonus. I like it myself. Some places where I go to shop have “rewards” programs, and there’s nothing better than buying that roast of beef at the grocery store, or filling your car’s gas tank, on your “points”. It really makes me feel as if I’ve ‘won’ for a change.

There is, however, one category of “free stuff” being offered on the Internet that is not free at all. In fact, it’s worse than these items not being free because they are, in truth, stolen property. And, since I am a published author, you may have guessed that one category is books….

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Wednesday’s Words by Morgan Ashbury: January 25, 2017

Sorry Editor…

Welcome to week 4 of the Marketing for Romance Authors 52 week challenge.  Each week, a lovely group of romance authors blog on a common theme.  This week’s topic is “My Common Writing Mistakes.”


No matter how much you write, whether it be blog posts, synopsis, or full-length novels, a hard lesson for many authors to accept is that their pearls of wisdom will not be perfect. We are human beings. Skilled ones, but still human beings. What can make writing a challenge is that we don’t necessarily make the same mistakes every time.


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Tuesday’s Title – Mist Falcon fantasy by Ryan Doughan

Destiny – will it cost everything you have ever believed or gain you everything you have ever dreamed of?

Mist Falcon: Book One Of The Warrior Poet Archives (Epic Fantasy Adventure) by [Doughan, Ryan J]

MIST FALCON (Book One, the Warrior Poet Archives) an Epic Fantasy by Ryan J. Doughan

Buy Links: Amazon (

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Out and About with Cynthia Woolf

The first interview of the year is up. I’m dishing secrets with Cynthia Woolf. You’re invited to stop on by and see the answers to questions such as “Was your road to publication fraught with peril or a walk in the park?” and “advice for aspiring writers.” There are also a couple of special questions answered just for my readers.

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Characters Have Favorite Things Too

For the first time I’m attempting a challenge. Not because I’m bored (as a 24/7 caregiver for an elderly family member time is limited) or that I don’t have anything else to do (2 novels, 6 poems, and 4 interviews await the pen). No, I accepted the challenge as a symbolic gesture for the new year.

The immediate reaction to the topic “A Few of my Favorite Things” was Julie Andrews singing “raindrops on roses…”

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