Tuesday’s Title – Not Broken by Meka James

They say love can heal all wounds… are there some too deep?

Title:  Not Broken:  The Happily Ever After

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

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They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

Calida Jokobi doesn’t see it that way. Surviving an abusive relationship with a sadistic, manipulative man changed her. She has spent the last two years carefully constructing her new persona with two goals in mind: to keep the remaining pieces of her heart safe and her deepest secrets buried. One man puts it all at risk.

Malcolm has been a part of Calida’s life for as long as she can remember. A friend. Her first teenage crush. Now he’s asking for something she swore she’d never give again: her heart.

Calida must decide if she should risk the fragile façade she’s created and give Malcolm the chance he’s asking for.

They say love can heal all wounds…

Malcolm Frankel wants to prove to Calida it’s true. She survived a hell most people couldn’t fathom. He’s been by her side fulfilling whatever role she needs him to play. All except the one he wants most. It took nearly losing her to make Malcolm realize he couldn’t keep denying his feelings.

He knows no one goes through an ordeal like that and comes out unscathed, but the closer they get, the more he learns just how deep Calida’s wounds go.

She’s the only woman he’s ever loved, and Malcolm is ready to put his own heart at risk for a chance at mending hers.

Behind the Scenes:

Not Broken is the follow to my debut novel, Fiendish: A Twisted Fairytale.
At the end of that book, Calida’s story didn’t feel complete to me. She
went through a lot and she deserved to find her happy ending.

Not Broken has been written in a way that allows it to be a
standalone. I did that because Fiendish was darker in nature so it’s not
a book that appeals to everyone, and I wanted new readers to be able to
enjoy Not Broken without feeling forced to read Fiendish.

Author Bio:

I’m a Southern gal. A born and raised Georgia Peach as it were. Most people find it somewhat amazing that I’m actually from Georgia. Not sure why, a lot of people live in the state they were born. I’m happily married to a man that is probably my polar opposite, but we work. We work well enough to have four kids. One girl, whom I affectionately call The Girl and 3 boys. The Boy a.k.a Man Child these days (they got their names before the younger two came along), Curly Top, a.k.a Thing 1, and Munchkin a.k.a Thing 2. No they are not twins, but close in age.

We are a family of animal lovers. We have three dogs. Pixie, a Weimaraner, Loki, a Weim/Pit mix, and Thor, a German Shepherd. All from rescues because that’s how we roll. We also have a pet turtle named Leo, and The Hubs and kids have a snake (I take no ownership of that).

 For more on Meka and her works, find her on the web at: AuthorPage / Twitter



The challenge says “Brag” #mfrwauthor

This week’s challenge topic is bragging. So I did. Stop by and see what readers say about the Windmaster Novels and the Dragshi Chronicles. Or at the very least leave a review for your favorite author. They are treasured stars.

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Windmaster Behind the Scenes – Carved Doors

Carved in the panels of a pair of ancient wooden doors, the mottos of the trading guild, House of Cszabo, were introduced in Windmaster. Fair Trade – Fair Profit triggered Ellspeth’s childhood memories of when she took trips with her grandmother Rima. Voyages which set the stage for Ellspeth’s own destiny as the bearer of golden bracelets of command. And imbued in her the proper way to treat others. I used gold bracelets to mirror the way her guild implemented the golden rule.

The second guild motto, Kin Above All – But Honor, did more than illustrate Ellspeth’s sense of duty. It sent her on the vengeance path with the Archmage. To her kin meant more than just by blood, it also pertained to any member of her trading house. So the death of her cabin boy and the attempted murder of her entire crew by a kinsman broke the vow both ways.

There were several inspirations for the second motto. Bushido, a Samurai code that places honor above all else. The actual wording of the inspiration for the motto was “Loyalty before all else except honor.” Lt. Vincent Hardy, Striking Distance.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into the Windmaster Novels. Visit the page for more information and buy links. 

~Till next time, Helen

WM-WL 05 01 17

Inspiration for Writing

I find inspiration in various aspects of the world around me. A verse of music, a few notes of a tune or a photo from some exotic place can trigger an idea. But not all inspiration is the same. Sometimes a dream awakens me in the middle of the night and gives the overall storyline for a new work or a scene unfolds like a scene from a movie.


Those are inspiration for a specific item. Then there is the writing inspiration. The music or image that transports you to another world. For fantasy worlds, celtic flute gives me dragon wings or lets me sail with mages.


Pictures provide a ground in a setting while the music invites the muse to visit.


Sometimes the inspiration comes from the story and the characters themselves. When the end was typed for Hatchling’s Mate there were several characters whose ultimate fates remained to be determined. Their paths could be sealed by vengeance or redeemed by love. The storyline was a new approach I wanted to explore and I took the inspiration from the characters themselves. And the result was Hatchling’s Vengeance.

I hope you enjoyed this insight.
~till next time, Helen

After this week’s challenge was written, I came across a post I had to include. Inspiration by Handsome Hansel


Leaves are changing, a new season is here. Cool days and cooler nights. Time to cuddle up on the porch swing with a good book. How about the book reviewers said will keep you up all night turning the pages – Windmaster.

Not decided?  Click here for an excerpt.

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I’m off to rock and read.