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I’m visiting with Janet Lane Walters on her blog, the Eclectic Writer. Tomorrow she showcases my fantasy romance books. Come by and visit. Hope y’all will leave a comment. http://wwweclecticwriter.blogspot.com/2016/08/fridays-guest-features-helen-henderson.html Hope to see you there. Helen


Tuesday’s Title, Lost Roses of Ganymede House by Constance Walker

A painting of a beautiful woman…the scent of summer roses…a magnificent home by the sea…and mortal danger
Lost Roses of Ganymede, gothic mystery, http://www.amazon.com/Roses-Ganymede-House-Constance-Walker-ebook/dp/B01CH1KSL0/
Title: Lost Roses of Ganymede House
Author: Constance Walker
Genre:  Gothic Mystery
Date of Release:  03-11-2016
Publisher:  Winter’s Eve Books

Buy Links: Amazon


“There, Miss, that be Ganymede House in the distance,” says the driver of her carriage as newly impoverished Sarah Scott gets her first glimpse of the magnificent house in Yorkshire, England, where she will live as tutor for the two children of widower Oliver Grayson.  But, unknown to the young woman, she is about to venture into a bleak home where the children are silent, the master morose, the servants suspicious and the family history forbidding.

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Come to the Dark Side — Non-fiction

 Need to do a little historical research? Want to find out more about New Jersey’s storied past? Come out to the Spirit of the Jerseys, on Saturday May 9th. Over 280 exhibitors. More info at http://www.njhistoryfair.org/.

And if you come be sure to visit the museum. Hope to see you there.
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Tuesday’s Titles – Paying it Forward

A philosophy I’ve always liked is to pay it forward. To work toward that goal, besides sharing tips and my experience as a writer, author, and editor, I’ve decided to start a new column. Tuesday’s Titles will focus on new releases and almost new releases in a variety of genres. Some of the books I’ve read and/or reviewed, others I’ve shared a forum with their author. And some of the books and their creators are unknown but recommended by someone.

The posts may not always be on a Tuesday, but the hope is that the books will set off your week.

It started off with Refuge by Judy Gill, and In Time by Constance Walker. Coming up next, Undercover Trouble by Carol McPhee.

Till next time ~Helen

New Release by Constance Walker

In Time by Constance Walker
Cover, In Time by Constance Walker
Genre:  Paranormal romance
Buy Links:  Amazon / Barnes and Noble
Publisher: Winter’s Eve Books


It never occurred to Allie Winters that there was something different about Evermore—the small town that she was forced to spend five days in because her car had to be fixed. Yes, it was quaint and yes, it seemed maddeningly out of step with the current times, but it was nevertheless like all those other “remember when” towns she had visited—people in different era clothing, out-of-date music playing on the radio, roads that were only semi-standard and no modern conveniences to be seen or heard. In other words, just another tourist trap.

But was it? The clues were always there for Allie but in the beginning she misreads them and thinks she has come upon yet another “restored” town that Americans like to visit during summer vacations. When she finally understands that by some strange trick of fate she has actually entered a time warp – it’s only August, 1941, in Evermore – it’s too late for her to just leave for she has already fallen in love with the editor of the town’s weekly newspaper. Noah Wilson, in the course of only a few days, has won her heart in a thousand small ways – from his low-key acceptance of life to his extraordinarily old-fashioned ways of loving her.

In Time is a love story of two people who, through some “window in time” are able to meet, get to know each other, fall in love and then understand that that love—though they don’t know how—will be bound forever and ever throughout eternity.

Author Bio:
Constance Walker has had an extensive career that includes journalism, public relations, producing and directing documentary videos, and writing magazine articles. Her works include When the Heart Remembers, One Perfect Springtime, Lost Roses of Ganymede House and The Shimmering Stones of Glendower Hall, among other works of Gothic and modern fiction. Plans are for six more books to join Warm Winter Love in the near future. She can be found on the web at http://www.constancewalker.com  and Goodreads.